Summer Peewee/Bantam Elite Program


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Winnipeg Goalie Camp for Elite Goaltenders BORN 2006-2010 (AA+)

8 Week Program (July 6-August 25)
3 Sessions per Week
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Evenings

*Subject to some changes based on ice availability*

This is the ultimate goalie-specific off season training program. Don’t worry about booking different camps, skates, or workouts this summer. This is your one-stop program to take your summer development to the next level.

This program was designed by Byron to cover all aspects of the goaltending position across a full summer.

There are 3 components to each week:

1. On-Ice training - these skates have a combination of skating, goalie specific skill, and situational play drills. There will be high-level shooters on the ice to challenge the goalies for the situational play drills, and create the most realistic game-like plays possible.

2. Off-Ice workouts - these workouts are created for goaltender specific development. There are 2 main areas of focus for these workouts:

  • Improving strength for more speed and control in the crease
  • Flexibility and strengthening joints for injury prevention

3. Video sessions - *NEW THIS YEAR* - these sessions are led by head instructor, Byron, and provide a great visual aid for the goalies to see themselves in action and reinforces tactics and skills taught on the ice. These sessions will also include video from Byron’s work in the WHL, MJHL, and USports to help goalies understand player tendencies/options and how to read the play from a goalie’s perspective. In addition, Byron will lead discussions about mental strength, resilience, and pre-game preparations.

Tentative Weekly Schedule:
Monday (On-Ice Session & Off-Ice Workout)
Wednesday (On-Ice Session & Off-Ice Workout)
Thursday (On-Ice Session & Video Session)

$1920.00 + GST ($2016.00)

Born 2006 - 2010 (AA+)

July 6 – August 25, 2022


Southdale CC

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