Jr. Development Camp


Winnipeg Goalie Camp for Jr. Goaltenders 8-12 Years Old

Junior Goaltenders Camp Includes:

5 Day Long, Full-Day (9am-4pm) goalie specific development camp for goalies of any ages (8-12) and skill type.

2.5 Hours of Total Ice Per Day (1.5 hour session and 1 hour session each day).

1 Hour of Classroom / Video Analysis where goalies can visually learn some of the key points instructors are reminding them of, on the ice.

1.5 Hours of Goalie Specific Dryland Training run by Dasan Sydora of Wren Sydora Sports Group.

Instructor to Goalie Ratio of 2:1 and 3:1 to ensure maximum amount of personalized time with each instructor

Dryland Training at Byron Spriggs Jr Goaltenders Camp Winnipeg

Products Used:

  • AnchorPegs
    We use AnchorPegs at our camps to allow for efficient teaching of postwork (ex. Reverse V/H)
  • GoPro
    The Go-Pro is used for multiple features:
    • Captures video during on-ice portion of camp which will be analyzed in the classroom segment
    • Records real-time game footage of goalies during the season to be analyzed after the game

The camp will follow a week long plan with a different theme for each day (eg. Lateral movement, butterfly slides, etc).

SOLD OUT - Ages 8-12

July 30-Aug 3, 2018


Seven Oaks Community Centre

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